E-learning – Solutions

What should be the response?

Depending on perspective

EU perspective

National/EU view

  • Anti-age discrimination legislation
  • Increasing retirement age
  • Limiting pre-retirement incentives
  • Providing subsidies to companies to keep older workers
  • Spreading awareness
Company perspective

Company view

  • Establishing age management strategies
  • Integrating age management into policies
  • Providing guidance and educating
  • Promotion of work ability and productivity
  • Age-friendly working arrangements
  • Helping employees to develop career management skills
Citizen perspective

Citizen view

  • Educating yourself on the topic
  • Realizing that older employees offer more experience, from which you can learn
  • Avoiding discrimination based on age, and fighting it if you come into contact with it

There should be a link that connects all parties – age management

And what can we do about it?