About the project

What is this project about?

Our aim is to provide age management Curriculum for education experts, HR professionals and policy makers, to achieve relevant and high quality skills that extend and develop their competences to become age management Advisors.

At first glance, the demographic situation in Europe seems to be hopeless. The importance of age management for economic growth and development is widely recognized as well as its importance for competitiveness of the economy. In addition age management concept provides opportunities for individuals to enrich their working careers and increase their personal wealth.

Adult learning community and universities consider seniors as crucial participants in lifelong learning because their learning is more than gaining of knowledge: when older people are provided with learning opportunities, they are able to improve their physical and mental wellbeing, to actively participate in society and thus to combat negative stereotypes and social exclusion. For this reason and since many adult learning communities and universities are working with senior learners, are deeply committed to active ageing.

We hope that this initiative will help to increase the awareness about this issue to the broader audience.

This e-learning is a part of the ongoing European project “Age management uptake”, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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European Commision

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Project Name: Age Management Uptake
Project No.: 2017-1 SK01-KA204-035420